Special Treatments

Dry Exfoliation (full body) $60: 

We use a soft bristled brush to massage the skin, this treatment helps remove dead skin cells, improves circulation, increases energy, aids detoxification, supports your immune system, aids the digestive system, clears buildup from your pores, helps to eliminate cellulite, keeps skin firm and smooth and relieves stress.

Back Scrub $45:

Using a body scrub this treatment sloughs off dead skin, boosts circulation and helps drain your lymph nodes. 

Body Wraps $179:

*Firming:We will wrap you  in a soothing comfort of oatmeal, coconut milk and vanilla. These natural ingredients help fight free    radicals while moisturizing and firming the skin.

*Stress Skin: This wrap will hydrate and heal dry, stressed skin with the juice from the aloe leaf. 

*Anti-Aging Cranberry: This wrap is a natural anti-inflammatory that helps to exfoliate and reduce fine lines and restores collagen production and delays cellular damage.

Iconic Foot Bath$40:

This foot bath helps eliminate the body of toxins and waste, while purging yeast and heavy metals. It helps reduce inflammation, cleansing the body through the liver and kidneys while eliminating parasites and enhances the immune system.

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