Organic Facial: $80.00
These facials nourish and refresh your face without all the harsh chemicals.
Facials improve the quality, look and feel of your skin by purifying, exfoliating and moisturizing your face while providing healthy nourishment. One of the most important keys to a beautiful complexion is choosing the correct facial product that works best for your unique needs. Our professionals are trained to know what your skin needs so you look and feel healthy.
Acne/Deep Pore: $80.00
This clogging could be due to excess oil production, accumulation of dead skin cells, or bacterial infection. Acne presents as small to large, red bumps on the skin, which may be painful and pus-filled in some cases. Treatment depends on the age, type, and severity of acne.
Teen: $65.00
Teen's tend to have problem skin for many reasons sports, hormones, stress, phones and hands touching their face. Our Esthetician's will customize the treatment to address your teen's specific skin concerns.

Gentleman's: $80.00

Customized to a man's skin type in mind.

Back: $75.00

Cleansing, exfoliation and smoothing for the back, great for acne.


Mini Facial: $45.00
A half hour facial is perfect for a quick mid-day treat. You will be ready to finish out your day feeling refreshed and relaxed


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